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Past Events

We host several events throughout the year.

For clients, we host

  • Semi-annual client appreciation events every Spring and Fall
  • Periodic educational seminars on topics important to our clients

For advisors, we host

  • Annual Cigar Smoker Networking Event
  • Educational seminars on best practices including eMoney and Redtail systems

Our Past Client Appreciation Events 



  • Walking food tour of Brookline with 'Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tours Saturday, October, 20th 2018

Pitaland Parker PGH Diner Las Palmas Taco Stand




Our Past Client Educational Seminars

  • Introduction to Estate Planning & The Basics of Estate Administration by Philip Goldblum, May 25th, 2017
  • Planning for Health Care Costs by Carlo Cordasco, August 13th, 2018 


Our Past Cigar Smoker Financial Advisor Networking Event 

  • Second Annual Cigar Smoker at Club Leaf and Bean Thursday, May 23rd 2019


  • First Annual Cigar Smoker at Club Leaf and Bean Thursday, May 24th 2018


Our Past eMoney Training for Financial Advisors

  • eMoney Introduction August 11th, 2017 Monroeville 
  • eMoney Introduction August 18th, 2017 Greentree
  • eMoney Introduction August 25th, 2017 Washington
  • eMoney Introduction September 19th, 2017 Erie 
  • eMoney Forum October 27th, 2017 Monroeville 
  • eMoney 101 October 27th, 2017 Monroeville 
  • eMoney 102 March 22nd, 2018 Beratung South
  • eMoney 103 "Advanced Techniques"  June 26th, 2018 Beratung East
  • eMoney 103 "Advanced Techniques"  June 28th, 2018  Beratung South
  • eMoney 101 June 19th, 2018 Erie
  • eMoney 101 November 27th, 2018 Greentree
  • eMoney 104 "Prospect and Introduction Meeting" October 16th 2018 Beratung East
  • eMoney 104 "Prospect and Introduction Meeting" October 18th 2018 Beratung South
  • eMoney 105 "Advanced Techniques Part II" January 22nd 2019 Beratung East
  • eMoney 105 "Advanced Techniques Part II" January 24th 2019 Beratung South
  • eMoney 105 "Presenting to a Client" April 22nd 2019  Beratung East
  • eMoney 106 "Presenting to a Client" April 26th 2019 Beratung South
  • eMoney Best Practices June, 24th 2019 Greentree


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