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You are busy and life is complicated. Financial planning should help you get to where you want to not hold you back. To help our clients simplify the process we use the Waddell & Reed WealthLink Site, a client portal where you can view your financial world in one place

Explore, get organized, and keep up-to-date with your financial plan.

The WealthLink Site is your personal website providing a holistic view of your financial life in one secure location. It’s a collaborative venue where you can share financial information with an advisor, who will help you define your goals and develop strategies to pursue those goals.

The WealthLink Site lets you:

  • Establish budgets and manage spending. Build a monthly budget, track your spending habits and monitor individual transactions utilizing a combination of comprehensive tools.
  • View bank and investment account balances. Link all your financial accounts so you can keep track of your status in one place, at one time. Account values will automatically update to give you an accurate view of your current financial situation.
  • Stay current on credit card activity. Linking your credit card accounts to your site will allow you to check each statement in one place, receive account balance alerts and ensure you never miss a payment.
  • Determine and monitor your net worth. Working closely with an advisor, you will determine your net worth and set financial goals. Your WealthLink Site will update your net worth based on the values of your linked accounts, so you can gauge your progress towards your goals.
  • Establish alerts regarding changes to your financial life. Customize your notification preferences so you receive updates on your site’s homepage or to a specified email address, at a frequency defined by you.

To learn how to use your WealthLink you can  view these tutorial videos.