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Important Client Update for LPL Transition

  • Accounts will start moving over to LPL Thursday July 22nd and will complete Tuesday July 27th
  • During this time, you may not see your accounts when you log in as the online views change:
    • If you login to NetxInvestor via Pershing, you will need to reestablish your online access via LPL’s AccountView.
    • If you login to your client portal via WealthLink powered by eMoney, you do not have to do anything but as our data feed switches from Pershing to LPL you may not see your accounts lists during this time period
    • If you login to Ivy funds through you will need to reestablish your online access via LPL’s AccountView unless your account is a 529 plan, SIMPLE, SEP IRA, or 403(b).
    • If you have outside accounts you login to directly such as Nationwide, Securian, Brighthouse, American Funds or others you will not need to do anything to your online.
  • To set up your accounts for online access with LPL we will be sending you a link on Monday July 26th. All you need to do is just follow the steps
    • You will just need to follow the prompts and verify
      • last 4 digits of your SSN
      • phone number
      • zip code
    • You can also do this on your own after Thursday July 22nd by visiting You will need your email, phone number and last four digits of your social security number.
  • A few of our clients may have to sign additional forms with LPL and your advisor will reach out to you if you are impacted by this.


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